What are the chances of your business losing complete access to internet or phone for over 9 hours? The chances may be very slim but for one of BSI’s clients this nightmare came true.

A truck had hit a utility pole outside of their corporate headquarters and the company had lost access to their primary Comcast internet and phone for 9 hours! Thanks to BSI’s Redundant Circuit Services (RCS) as soon as their Comcast internet went down BSI’s RCS kicked in, resulting in no loss of any business communications.

Here is a letter we received from the company’s’ Corporate Headquarters Network Administrator the following day:

Dear BSI,
We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the RCS (Redundant Circuit Service) supplied by BSI.

This morning a utility pole was knocked down and we lost our primary Comcast Internet Circuit. Had it not been for the RCS, we would have be dead in the water… no customer orders, no email, and no systems communication with our branches. VPN users were able to stay connected as well. The Comcast repair took 9 hours… but we never lost a beat or an order!

Throughout the outage speed was impressive and no one realized the otherwise inconvenient hardship we would have experienced.

Thank you for RCS.

-Michael P., Network Administrator – Corporate Headquarters


If you would like to learn more about BSI’s Redundant Circuit Services for your business give us a call at 888-BSI-FIXX (888-274-3499) or shoot us a message!

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